First trailer for Ben Wheatleys Sightseers: watch online now

The first trailer for Ben Wheatley’s pitch black comedy Sightseers has gone online, and it’s every bit as disturbing, offbeat and bleakly British as you’d expect from the man behind Kill List .

The film follows the exploits of Tina and Chris, as the latter shows his new beau around his beloved Yorkshire, all from the glamorous base-camp of his Abbey Oxford caravan.

As Tina says in a letter to her mum, “Yorkshire is lovely, not like you said at all… they can smile.” However, her idyllic holiday takes a turn for the macabre, when a fellow rambler gets Chris’s back up, and all hell begins to break loose.

Take a look at the new trailer, below…

As with Kill List , there’s a hell of a lot of violence on show here, although this time around the inherent humour is pushed even further to the surface. It’s difficult not to sympathise with Chris when he dismisses a National Trust-citing Little Englander as, “not a person… he’s a Daily Mail reader”.

Starring Steve Oram and Alice Lowe, both of whom co-wrote the screenplay, and executive produced by Edgar Wright, Sightseers opens in the UK on 30 November 2012. Let the tabloid hysteria begin…

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