South of Hell trailer is Eli Roth as heck

Two of modern horror’s most divisive directors’ Eli Roth and Jason Blum, have joined forces to create a new miniseries. South of Hell stars Mena Suvari as a demon hunter, with a particularly nasty entity shacked up inside her soul that feasts on the evil she exorcises from others. If that sounds like your cup of tea, then check out the first trailer which arrived today.

This 30-second tease offers little in the way of plot, instead leaning heavily on the stylised scare tactics of the supernatural genre. Doors slam of their own accord, sudden gusts of wind hint at an eerie force, and there’s the obligatory sound of a small child screaming.

Along with the likes of other genre auteurs – Ti West, Jennifer Lynch, Rachel Talalay to name but three – Roth will direct certain episodes, so expect some of his signature shock tactics. Blum will co-produce.

Set to air on WeTV on November 27, the network is positioning South of Hell as a ‘Black Friday binge event’ which offers an alternative post-Thanksgiving activity for those who aren’t interesting in grabbing mall bargains. All seven episodes will air back-to-back before the whole season is made available on VOD.

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