Fan recreates Portal using Unreal Engine 5

Portal’s first level has been spectacularly recreated using Unreal Engine 5.

Valve’s clever mix of portal-based puzzles and dark humour made Portal an instant hit when it was released in 2007. Its sequel, Portal 2, is now a decade old, and despite the series’ success, Valve has yet to deliver a third instalment. But one Portal fan has treated us a glimpse of what a Portal game could look like if it were made today. 

Environment artist Alfred Beddow (opens in new tab) has recreated Test Chamber 00, Portal’s first level, in Unreal Engine 5. Each asset has been skillfully remade and retextured, some with 8K resolutions. The remake’s smooth graphics and realistic lighting look stunning and make us long for Portal 3 more than ever. You can see how the classic puzzle-platformer benefits from modern technical wizardry in the video below. 

Beddow created the level for inclusion in their university coursework portfolio. As such, it was made to showcase their skills with Unreal Engine 5 rather than as a remake that they are planning to release. Still, it shows us what’s possible if a third Portal does ever see the light of day.

It’s not only fans who are keen for another entry in the series. In a recent podcast, Portal and Portal 2 co-writer Erik Wolpaw urged Valve to return to the franchise, saying, “We’ve gotta start Portal 3.” Valve may be keeping quiet when it comes to a Portal follow-up, but the company recently revealed that it’s got multiple “exciting” games in development at the moment.

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