Elden Rings Godrick somehow looks even worse with no clothes

Someone’s found out what Elden Ring’s Godrick looks like under his flowing clothes, and it’s just plain nightmare fuel.

The horrible discovery was made by an Elden Ring modder earlier this week. The user posted their discovery to the game’s official subreddit, seen just below, having modified Godrick’s in-game model to showcase what the towering boss actually looks like underneath his vast cape.

Yeah, it’s not good. Not that we’re really sure what anyone expected the body of a guy that’s stuck multiple arms to himself would actually look like, but hey, the more you know. Although in this case, the more you know will probably lead you to be even more troubled by the goings on in The Lands Between.

The comments section underneath the original subreddit post are similarly horrified by the discovery of Godrick’s true form. If you’re planning on venturing into the comments section yourself, be warned: there are some discussions about Godrick’s nether regions which will make you regret learning to read. 

Speaking of Godrick, Elden Ring originally let you decide who would rule over Stormveil Castle. A cut questline, revealed last week by dataminers and modders, revealed a story originally involving Godrick’s secret son and heir, who actually turns out to be Gostoc, the guy who robs you of your Runes whenever you die. We would’ve originally been involved in the fate of Stormveil, after stomping Godrick, of course.

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