Elden Ring players mourn drastic Mimic Tear summons nerf

One of Elden Ring’s most beloved Spirit Ash summons, Mimic Tear, has been nerfed dramatically. 

As of the game’s latest patch, Elden Ring update 1.03, the developers have implemented a number of changes, including the massive changes made to the powerful Mimic Tear summon. 

Specifically, the summon’s damage output has been decreased significantly, in addition to the introduction of changes to its “behavior pattern”. Many players had relied on the Mimic Tear to help them power through several of the game’s more difficult boss encounters. 

The Spirit Ash summon, found in the Eternal City of Nokron, was simple yet dangerous. Summoning it meant you’d essentially have two of the same Tarnished on the field that would give you a greater advantage over enemies, especially as you could change up your loadout to tailor your Mimic to effectively act as a second version of you while working to defeat the boss, complete with powerful weapons and other items. 

So it’s no surprise that players aren’t exactly thrilled with the changes, taking to social media to bemoan the loss of especially useful tools in the battle against the bosses of Elden Ring–many of whom never even got to give it a try. 

Ah sweet, looks like a lot of things are going to be fixed to help balance the ga…>mimic tear gets nerfed pic.twitter.com/rMWbGBvVMiMarch 17, 2022

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MIMIC TEAR GOT NERFED TOO my chances of beating this game again in new game plus just dropped significantly 😭March 17, 2022

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maaannn i never even got to use mimic tear wtfMarch 17, 2022

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Mimic tear got nerfed before I could find it and use it 🥲March 17, 2022

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THEY NERFED MIMIC TEAR NOOOOOO https://t.co/DszKq6F2XLMarch 17, 2022

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Luckily, there are still plenty of useful summons that can be used to assist players with defeating the enemies giving them trouble. But let’s at least pour one out for the Mimic Tear, which was there for the Tarnished in a way that so few others in The Land Between weren’t. 

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