EA now hiring for unnamed Army of Two title

A trio of online job ads at EA has outed the publisher’s plans to develop a new Army of Two game out of its internal Dead Space 2 studio, Visceral Games.

The postings call on applications for the positions of Senior Producer (opens in new tab), Associate Art Director (opens in new tab) and Lead Environmental Artist (opens in new tab) for work on the ‘Army of Two franchise’. They also specifically ask for those with experience in developing and shipping AAA titles, lending weight to the theory EA has eyes on a full-on sequel rather than a downloadable title or mobile spin-off.

Focusing heavily on two-player co-operative gameplay, the series follows mercenaries Salem and Rios as they tag-team their way through politically charged missions all over the globe. We enjoyed the original as well as its 2010 sequel, but a third game was never 100% guaranteed. EA has declined making an official announcement, and seeing as it’s just started the recruitment process now, we’re unlikely to hear any mention of Salem or Rios at E3 2011.

As for the sequel’s titles, we suggest: Army of Two and a Half Men, or Army of Two: Third 41st day. Unless you can think of something better…

April 15, 2011

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