Does Fallout 4s Codsworth know your name?


A member of Reddit (opens in new tab) has now mined all the names Fallout 4’s Codsworth will happily say. You can find the full list here (opens in new tab). And 1000, Bethesda? We make it 924…

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So we already knew that Fallout 4 (opens in new tab)’s AI companion Codsworth would have a thousand names (opens in new tab) programmed into his little metal head but does he know yours? There are 121 names and counting already confirmed so check if yours is here. This isn’t an exhaustive list just yet but a good start. It was started by Reddit user PM_ME_FREE_STUFF_PLS (opens in new tab) but we’ve added to it with tests over the weekend.

Amongst those confirmed are Leon, Alex, Max, Ashley, Emily and a tonne more – and yes, F**kface is in there. Check out the video for more and the big confirmed list below. However, if you, like me, are called Louise then it’s hard luck and you’re just ‘maam.’ I’m not bitter, honest.


Aaron Aiden Alex Alexis Alice Amanda Andrew Anna Anthony Archer Ash Ashley Assface Atticus Austin Ben Bill Blake Brown Bruce Caleb Camilla Catherine Carter Charlotte Chloe Chris Christian Claire Cole Colin Connor Corey Damien (“Damian” doesn’t work) Daniel David Dawson Deckard Dick Don DJ Dylan Elena Elijah Ellie Elizabeth Emily Emma Eric Erik Ethan Evan Evelyn Freeman Gary Gavin George Grace Griffin Grognak Hailey Hannah Hawk Hines Jacob Jake James Jason Jay Jennifer Jeremy Joel John Jordan Josh Joshua Juan Julia Justin Katherine Kayla Kaylee Kaitlyn Kate Kevin Laura Lauren Lee Leon Liam Logan Lucas Luke Madison Makyla Malcolm Marcus Mark Marty Mason Matt Max McFly Megan Micah Michael Miles Mohammed Nathan Nora Norman Oliver Paul Pete Phil Quinn Richard Rick Riley Robert Rock Rocky Rose Roy Ryan Sam Samantha Sara Sarah Scott Sebastian Shane Snake Stark Stephanie Steve Steven Stuart Sydney Taylor Ted Thomas Tim Todd Tony Tyler Victoria Wayne Will Wilson Wood Wyatt

Not in the game

Adolf Ahmed Albert Amir Amy Aimie Anakin Aurora Balothy Brianna Barbara Bender Beth Bort Boss Brad Brandon Caesar Chelsea Cameron Chandler Carl Chuck CJ Clem Codsworth Courier Dale Dalton Dante Damon Dayton Derrick Deven Dickbutt Dickface Duke Edward Edwin Felix Fletch Franklin Fred Fry Garrett Geoff Gerrett Gemma Gideon Giovanni Grover Gus Harley Harrison Heisenberg Homer House Keanu Jade Jamie Jerry Jesse Jesus Johnny Jonny Kenny Kira Korra Kyle Lachlan Leela Leif Lennox Lilith Lisa Lord Louis Louise Lyla Madeline Mario Marlon Morty Motherfucker Neil Nick Nicola Norris O’Connor Obama President Rachel Rebecca Reece Reeves Rhys Robin Rodgers Rory Santiago Scorpio Sean Shaun Shawn Shepard Simon Spooky Travis Trevor Triss Tyrone Ulysses Velma Veronica Victor Vincent Von Yusuf Karman Wade Walter Wolf Woody Zach Zack

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