Disney plans sequel to Alice In Wonderland

Having scored over $1 billion at the global box office following its release back in 2010, it should come as little surprise that Disney has finally given the greenlight to a sequel to Alice In Wonderland .

Despite failing to wow critics with its fairly pedestrian storytelling and curiously flat 3D, Tim Burton’s film was a global smash nonetheless, and that’s more than enough to convince Disney of the merits of another go-around.

Whether Burton will be involved or not remains to be seen, but the script is currently being penned by Linda Woolverton, who was responsible for both The Lion King and Beauty And The Beast .

The first film was a fairly loose adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s source material, so we wouldn’t expect this one to stick to Alice Through The Looking Glass , Carroll’s own follow-up to the original story.

If Burton doesn’t decide to return, they’ll have to look long and hard to find somebody with as keen an eye for the visual as their original director, given that the design aesthetic was the first film’s strongest suit. No small task for the House of Mouse…

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