Dinosaurs Versus Aliens

Director Barry ( Men In Black ) Sonnenfeld and comics guru Grant Morrison team up for film and graphic novel combo

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Barry Sonnenfeld, who’s currently calling the shots on the third Men in Black film, is teaming up with acclaimed comic book writer Grant ( The Invisibles , Batman ) Morrison to develop a graphic novel and movie combo called Dominion: Dinosaurs Versus Aliens . Morrison will write both the graphic novel and the script; Sonnenfeld will direct the film, reports Deadline (opens in new tab) .

Apparently, Sonnenfled, also the man behind the two Addams Family movies, is a dinosaur fanatic who initiated the team up. “Growing up, my fascination was all things dinosaur, and as an adult, I’ve had some success making films about aliens, so this is a dream come true,” says Sonnenfeld.

The plot is about a secret prehistoric world war battle, with an alien invasion of Earth in prehistoric times. But dinosaurs aren’t as thick as thought, it turns out. The graphic novel will be published later this year in print and digital formats by Liquid Comics. Artwork will be by Mukesh Singh, who teamed with Morrison on 18 Days .

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