Destiny 2: The Witch Queen launch trailer might be our first look at the new raid

The Destiny 2: The Witch Queen launch trailer has arrived, teasing a bitter battle between Hive ancients and the full might of the Vanguard. 

The Witch Queen expansion is pretty thoroughly trailered out at this point, but there are still a few surprises in this one. The unusually tranquil island shown at the start of the trailer seems to be guarded by Hive worm gods, for starters. They look just like Xol, the worm god we killed a few years back, and it makes sense for there to be three of them with Savathun’s worm still unaccounted for. Oh, and don’t worry about that solemn shot of a Hive priestess clutching what looks like a baby Hive; Bungie’s already clarified that those things are pure evil and only good for firing out of that new Exotic grenade launcher. Surely there’s no moral quandary there. 

We also see more of Savathun’s Throne World in this trailer, and Bungie’s really leaning into the horror vibes of the spooky destination. Dark hallways seemingly carved from bone, shifty statues straight out of Scooby-Doo, rushing Thrall around every corner – oh yeah, we’re in for some jump-scares. 

The final moments of the trailer are even more tantalizing. Around two minutes in, we see six Guardians lining up before a massive pyramid ship in the swamplands of Savathun’s Throne World. We don’t see six Guardians together very often, so there’s a good chance this is the introductory shot for the new raid coming March 5. Plundering a pyramid ship sounds like a pretty good climax given the long-running hype behind these mysterious invaders and their ties to Savathun. 

The previous Witch Queen trailer offered a deep dive on glaives and how they started off so strong they broke the game.

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