Dave Bautista says Zack Snyders Army of the Dead has “one of the strongest endings” hes ever seen

Dave Bautista, who stars in Zack Snyder’s new Netflix movie Army of the Dead, has praised the film’s ending.

“I’m obsessed with the ending of this film. I think it has one of the strongest endings of a film I’ve ever seen,” Bautista said at the fan organized Justice Con (opens in new tab) event. “It’s just so well done. It’s really good, just good old-fashioned storytelling. And it just leaves you wanting more. I can’t even talk about the actor who’s at the end of the film, but his performance is so strong, it’s just so interesting.”

He later added: “There’s something about the end of this film that I’m absolutely obsessed with… I just love the ending of this film, I love it.”

Army of the Dead, which recently got a new trailer, will see a team head into a quarantined Las Vegas to steal a huge reward from the infested city, where the zombie outbreak has been contained. The catch is, these zombies are far from the usual shambling hordes – they’re fast, smart, and pose a huge risk to the crew. Plus, if the stakes weren’t already high enough, Vegas is set to be nuked to destroy the dead and end the outbreak. 

As for the movie as a whole, Bautista said: “There’s so much going on in this film. There’s so many layers. There’s relationships and backstories, and obviously there’s a zombie apocalypse, and there’s a heist right in the middle of it. There’s so much going on in this film. And the action is incredible, the drama is also incredible, and also there’s just tons of comedic moments in this film, like tons, it’s a really funny film as well.”

Netflix seem to have a lot of faith in Army of the Dead – a prequel film called Army of Thieves, directed by Matthias Schweighöfer (who also stars in both movies), has already wrapped, and there’s an animated prequel series titled Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas on the way, too.

There are no clues about who the mystery actor at the end of the film may be, or what the ending could involve – but whatever is going on, Bautista is clearly excited. We’ll have to wait till May 21 to watch Army of the Dead, but until then, check out our guide to the best Netflix movies to find something new to watch.

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