Cyberpunk 2077 won’t be an Epic Store exclusive, CD Projekt Red confirms

If you were alarmed at the amount of games that are set to be exclusives to the Epic Store, like Metro Exodus (opens in new tab), Afterparty, and The Outer Worlds (opens in new tab), have no fear: Cyberpunk 2077 (opens in new tab) won’t be an Epic Store exclusive. The news game directly from Marcin Momot, CD Projekt Red’s Community Lead (opens in new tab). In fact, according to him CD Projekt Red wants “Cyberpunk 2077 available to as many gamers as possible on their platform of choice”. So basically their dystopian urban RPG is going to be everywhere. Seriously, remember when Red Dead Redemption 2 (opens in new tab) came out? It’ll be like that all over again, but potentially bigger as Cyberpunk 2077 will be on PC too. And gosh darn it, I just can’t wait. 

Our goal is to make Cyberpunk 2077 available to as many gamers as possible on their platform of choice. 21, 2019

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Now that it’s been confirmed by CD Projekt Red that it’s aiming to get the game out by 2021 (opens in new tab), there’s really not that long until the title will be in our grubby mitts. And I know this might be a stretch but could the “platform of choice” possibly include…Nintendo Switch?! Yeah yeah, I know. I’m being ridiculous. But I just can’t shake the mental image of gunning it down Night City’s streets when I’m on my daily commute, or shooting robot bad guys with bullets that go around corners in a quaint country park. Hey, we can dream, right?

If all that talk of Cyberpunk 2077 has got you in the mood for more RPG goodness, here’s the best RPG games (opens in new tab) to play right now, or watch the video below to see a whole 48 minutes of Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay!

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