Curious about the Bumblebee post-credits scenes? Here’s what happens and what it all means

Hey, even Bumblebee (opens in new tab) post-credits scenes are a thing now. The prequel to the entire Transformers franchise wasn’t capable of simply driving off into the sunset without a few sequel teases and a quick catch-up with one of the main characters. After all, you’ve got to plant those franchise seeds as early as possible. So, is a Bumblebee 2 on the way and what does [SPOILER] showing up have to do with anything?

First up, in case you left the cinema early or haven’t got around to actually seeing the movie starring Hailee Steinfeld and John Cena yet: There are two Bumblebee post-credits scenes, one that has pretty big story repercussions and one that, well, doesn’t. Let’s go with the more plot-heavy one first, shall we?

Optimus Prime is here to set up a sequel

Despite being absent until one of the very last shots of the movie (disguised as a fire truck, of all things), Optimus Prime shows up alongside Bumblebee in the first of the post-credits scenes. The leader of the Autobots explains that trouble is a-brewing and, sure enough, seven fireballs are seen in the sky – presumably fellow Autobots – before we cut away.

If that isn’t a big flashing red light for Bumblebee 2 (or whatever another Transformers sequel will be called) then I don’t know what it is. It could very well bridge the gap between Bumblebee and the very first Transformers movie, too. Stripping back the franchise and putting its feet (and wheels) firmly on the ground after the unwieldy Transformers: The Last Knight (opens in new tab) would be a smart move.

Charlie fixes the Corvette

The second and final Bumblebee post-credits scene sees Charlie, still recovering from the loss of her father, working on her dead dad’s Corvette. She finally gets the motor running and, in a happy ending for her character in case she doesn’t come back for a sequel, she drives off, fully content with her work.

While second stringers after the credits typically lend to the more humorous side of things, it’s nice to see Bumblebee close with a pretty sweet ending, all told, even if Hailee Steinfeld doesn’t return.

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