Capcom games arrive for EAs Origin

EA has added more third party content to its online Origin store in the form of two high profile Capcom titles. As of today, digital fighters and zombie shutterbugs can download Dead Rising 2: Off the Record and Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition for play on their PC.

The two new Capcom additions are part of EA’s previous commitment to loop non-EA publishers and developers in on the Origin action. Earlier this year EA’s senior VP of global online David DeMartini confirmed as such, telling IndustryGamers: “A lot of other publishers are looking at viable channels for making their content available, and we would welcome them on Origin and hope that they would see the value of what we’re trying to bring with the Origin client in association with their games as well.”

Dead Rising 2: Off the Record is selling for $39.99. It’s Capcom’s Dead Rising 2 reboot starring photo-journalist Frank West and a crap ton of undead horrors/ridiculous weapons. Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition is also priced at $39.99. They join a growing list of third party titles coming to EA’s service, including THQ’s recently released Saints Row: The Third and Warner Bros soon-to-be released PC version of Batman: Arkham City.

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