Box Score: The Podcast 011

In a hilarious and exclusive Part 1, Rich Grisham talks with Creative Director Mike Young and writer Todd Zuniga about how their experiences as kids got crafted into an all-new universe in Madden NFL 13’s Connected Careers. From ridiculous hijinks as youngsters to cross-check inspired fistfights, Young and Zuniga have been creating fictional sports universes for 20 years. Now, for the first time, Madden gets a massive does of their creativity.

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In Part 2, Rich Grisham talks with Producer Josh Loomis – or, as Rich now calls him, the “Godfather of Franchise Modes” – about everything associated with the massive Connected Careers mode, from how it got started in the first place to the different ways you’ll interact in Madden’s all-new universe.

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In Part 3, Rich Grisham talks with Producer Victor Lugo about the all-new Infinity Engine, a powerful new physics systems that changes the way players interact with each other on the field. They talk about how it came to be, the first time they started to see it in action, the reaction from the community, and much more. Don’t worry – there’s not too much math or science being discussed, even though Victor could have busted it out at any moment.

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Madden fans, it’s time to celebrate. Enjoy!


Post Date: 6/4/2012

Podcast length: Part 1 1:02:42 | Part 2 57:42 | Part 3 37:36

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