Blizzard responds to fan frustration over Diablo 4 updates

The developer of Diablo 4 has acknowledged that blog posts aren’t the best way for fans to get a feel for the game.

Blizzard will be releasing an update on Diablo’s fourth major instalment next week. The game’s global community lead, Adam Fletcher, tweeted their excitement about the new update, which focuses on the art of the upcoming action RPG, but not everyone felt their enthusiasm. 

One Reddit user responded to the news saying that these text and video-based posts feel “small”, while another commented, “I still can’t really say I have a good ‘feel’ for what this game is even going to play like.”

Excited for the Diablo IV Quarterly Update blog next week!The team dives into environment art. Most of the past updates have had a good amount of block out levels so this is a great peek into the updates on the art side. Lots of eye candy including videos to check out! 🤩March 22, 2022

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Fletcher responded (opens in new tab) to the feedback, recognising fans’ eagerness to play Diablo 4 and sharing their excitement for when players can go hands-on with the game.

“We typically have some system updates in various blogs but I also think we are getting to a point where words become harder to understand these items and thus it gets harder to gather valuable feedback based off what people are interpreting,” writes Fletcher. 

“We will still have updates in these blogs and they will constantly evolve until release but it may be just better for people to experience and play them in testing to gather such feedback. There will be quite a bit of time to do that once we get into the testing phases. Looking forward to that for sure.”

In addition to a recently unveiled survival title, Blizzard is rumoured to be working on a new unannounced game.

Diablo 4 was announced in 2019 and is expected to launch next year. Here’s everything we know about Blizzard’s sequel.

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