BioWare “looking at” bringing The Old Republic to Mac

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If a massively multiplayer online game is going to succeed it needs to attain the widest audience possible, and to do that the games need to be available to the widest audience possible. The easiest ways to accomplish this (besides attaching the game to a popular franchise like, say, Star Wars) is to make the graphics scalable for low-end computers and to release clients for operating systems besides Windows.

While BioWare’s The Old Republic is certainly visually scalable, it launched without a Mac client, leaving Mac gamers (they exist!) without a proper way to play the biggest MMO release in many years. Bootcamping Windows works, but it’s hardly ideal, and that’s something BioWare knows, and is looking into.

“We know there’s a big Mac audience of BioWare fans … we know that’s an important and large audience. And we want to serve that audience,” BioWare’s Ray Muzyka told Massively. Muzyka mentioned BioWare’s history of supporting Mac OS, commenting that a Mac version was “definitely one of the things we’re looking at next. We want to get this launch under our belt and everything stabilized and happy, and then we’ll look at other platforms, and that’s obviously one of the first ones.”

For as much as everyone wants a Mac client, we doubt anyone is upset that BioWare is focusing on making “everything stabilized and happy” first. The game’s launch wasn’t bad, as far as MMO launches go, but it still has some kinks that need to be ironed out. And, you know, there are those queues. Oh, those queues…

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