“Irredeemable” Joker in fourth Batman: Three Jokers teaser

Update: The main cog of next month’s Batman: Three Jokers #1, the debut of the DC Black Label series is the Joker, of course. Now after DC tweeted three teasers featuring the other three main characters – Batman, the Red Hood, and Batgirl (see below) – the featured player gets the spotlight.

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The image was tweeted from the publisher’s DC Nation (opens in new tab) account and like the three before features a quote by series writer Geoff Johns.

“There are very few characters that are, to me, as irredeemable as The Joker. There is nothing in him that is good,” the tweet reads. 

But perhaps the better question for this series is, are all three Jokers as irredeemable as one another?

Check out the full teaser image:

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Original story follows…

The DC is back at it with social media teasers for next month’s launch of Batman: Three Jokers, Geoff Johns, and Jason Fabok’s long-awaited three-issue Black Label prestige series. 

Like Tuesday’s teasers focusing on Batman and Red Hood (opens in new tab), the Batgirl teaser was tweeted on the publisher’s DC Nation account and is accompanied by a quote from Johns:

“She pushes herself harder than she needs to, just to make sure she’s better. She wants to be the best she’s been,” it reads.

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According to DC, Batman: Three Jokers “reexamines the myth of who, or what the Joker is, and what’s at the heart of not just his eternal struggle with Batman, but how his horrific treatment of Barbara Gordon and Jason Todd has affected them.” 

DC readers know Barbara Gordon/Batgirl was infamously shot in the spine and paralyzed by Joker in Alan Moore’s seminal 1988 one-shot Batman: The Killing Joke illustrated by Brian Bolland. 

That led to a year’s long reinvention of the character as the paraplegic Oracle, who became indispensable to the heroes of Gotham City and DC superheroes in general and a valued member of the Birds of Prey as an intelligence gathering and networking expert.

Barbara returned to her Batgirl identity with 2011’s line-wide reboot ‘The New 52, ‘but despite significant deletions and alterations to the DC timeline, the Killing Joke, her paralysis, and career as Oracle and her recovery remains in continuity, and is still considered a defining event for the character. 

Batman: Three Jokers #1 goes on sale August 25.

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