Avengers Assemble: The video game adventures of Iron Man [Video]

AVENGERS ASSEMBLE! Not so fast, Hulk, Thor, Captain America and Hawkeye. Today we’re focusing on Iron Man, and we managed to unearth over 25 appearances and cameos by Tony Stark and his famous suit throughout the entire history of this interactive medium of ours.

Over 25 games. That’s how many individual Iron Man appearances we managed to find throughout 30 years of video games. Did you think there’d be more? So did we! For a mega-popular character created back in 1963, you’d think there’d have been more opportunities for a super-strong, flying robot with laser weapons in video games, right?

We hope to chronicle the legacies of more of Marvel’s superheroes in honor of the upcoming Avengers movie, so stay tuned. Meanwhile, don’t miss our feature celebrating the best superhero video games of all time!

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