Another Elden Ring champion has stepped up, this time to battle Mohg

Elden Ring’s community is home to a new champion: Let Me Solo Him.

Not to have Let Me Solo Her hog the spotlight, Let Me Solo Him is a player who’s repeatedly taking down the powerful Mohg, Lord of Blood boss for players, sticking around outside the boss arena and putting down a Summoning Sign to defeat the boss entirely by themselves for anyone.

Mohg, Lord of Blood is one tough foe, especially if you’re particular susceptible to Bleed damage, and proves a headache for plenty of players. Not with this player’s help, though, because Let Me Solo Him is absolutely wiping the floor with the boss for anyone who’s struggling with Mohg.

This all follows after Let Me Solo Her, a player who’d come in and whack about Malenia for players, emerged to stardom among the Elden Ring player base earlier this week. The player, wearing nothing but a pot on their head, a loincloth, and carrying two katanas, slapped Malenia about with nary an error, helping anyone through the boss fight with ease.

Now, it seems a challenger has emerged to Let Me Solo Her. The People’s Champion has been praised far and wide in the Elden Ring community for the past few days, becoming an icon of The Lands Between. Let’s see if any other trends pick up among the player base outside of these two artists showing off.

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