Alphas Season 2: New Showrunner Speaks

Bruce Miller is the new showrunner taking over from season one’s Ira Steven Behr. Miller was previously an exec producer on Syfy’s Eureka and has also worked on Medium and The 4400 .

Miller’s been tasked with taking the show’s eponymous superheroes to new heights while maintaining their signature grounded-in-science-fact flavour. SFX speaks to Miller in the new issue (in the shops on Wednesday) and here’s a taster of what’s in store, as he talks about where he’s taking the show (the mag also has a couple a great season two images, but we haven’t received clearance to post them on the website, yet; we’ll left you know by Twitter if that changes):

“Both how grounded and realistic, and how extraordinary and surprising, this season is going to be, will definitely surprise our viewers,” Miller tells Red Alert. “John Pyper-Ferguson is coming back to continue his role as Stan Parrish, who is an Alpha who appeared in the last episode last year, whose ability is that he can heal himself. He has great recuperative abilities. But also that means he’s lived a very long time. So the battle between Parrish and [the Alphas’ leader] Rosen [David Strathairn] is really the centrepiece of our season. These are two very, very smart men, who both have an idealistic but very different vision of our future.”

Of course there’s no shortage of challenges in store for the other Alphas…

“The character of Hicks [Warren Christie] is going to be in a relationship that we reveal this year, sleeping with the boss’s daughter. Which is very complicated, considering that he used to be dating someone else on the team, the character of Nina.”

Learn more about what’s in store for the new character in SFX #223, on sale Wednesday 30 May.

Alphas season two commences in the States on Syfy on 23 July. It will after soon after in the UK on Channel 5.

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