Alien Isolations team has been working on a sci-fi FPS for four years

Alien Isolation’s developers are working on an unannounced sci-fi FPS set in a brand new world as an entirely new IP.

In the most recent issue of Edge Magazine, Creative Assembly studio director Gareth Edmondson and creative director Alistair Hope offered a few details of their new project. Since 2018, the team behind the excellent Alien Isolation have been working on an “as-yet-unnamed science-fiction FPS.”

According to Hope, this new game boasts a “drive for attention to detail and authenticity” and commits to “understanding the source material.” Hope isn’t offering any other clues as to what this source material could be as of now, though.

“It’s our new IP, and it’s a world that we’re creating, and of course we’re wringing our hands over it and we really want to get that right,” chief product officer Rob Bartholomew adds. “We want to understand what authenticity in a blue ocean or an open sky looks like, when you’ve got a blank page in front of you,” Bartholomew continues. 

This new venture certainly sounds unlike anything Creative Assembly has put their name to before, as the Edge feature rightly points out. You’d be forgiven for associating the developer with the Total War series, or real-time strategy games in general, but not first-person shooters in a science fiction setting. Whatever this new project is though, it’s well worth keeping an eye on considering it’s from the team behind Alien Isolation.

This interview first ran in Edge magazine issue 373, which is on-sale now. For more info on Edge, and for information on how you can become a subscriber, follow this link through to MagazinesDirect (opens in new tab).

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