“Action, humor and attitude” – the best reactions to the Hellboy trailer shown at New York Comic Con 2018

The first Hellboy trailer has debuted but it may be a while before you get to see it if you weren’t around to witness all the New York Comic Con trailers (opens in new tab) yourself. A panel featuring the film’s cast and crew gathered also served to debut the new Comic Con-exclusive trailer (though star David Harbour reportedly said it wasn’t really a trailer, per se). Even though we can’t watch it firsthand, we can still get an idea of what it was like from the lucky few who did get to experience it.

David Harbour’s take on Hellboy is going over well

If you’re a fan of Guillermo del Toro’s Hellboy films, your first concern is probably how David Harbour’s performance as the burly red demon dude compares to Ron Perlman’s. It sounds like this movie is taking a different approach to the character – embracing more of the comics series’ quirky humor – which helps Harbour’s performance stand on its own.

Saw the teaser trailer for #Hellboy at #NYCC (will not be online). It looks fucking badass. David is pitch perfect. Consider me pumped.October 6, 2018

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The first time you see Harbour in the HellBoy makeup it’s a bit confusing especially when he talks because it’s not @perlmutations but he looks amazing in it #HellBoy #NYCCOctober 6, 2018

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Just saw the first trailer for the new #Hellboy—footage looks great. Very funny. Harbour definitely puts a unique, more humorous spin on the character. Final shot of the trailer got huge applause. #NYCCOctober 6, 2018

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The trailer revealed a surprisingly humorous vibe

It isn’t just Hellboy himself. The whole movie seems to be going for a more comedic feel, which most of the reactions I saw seemed pretty receptive to. It’s hardly novel for a superhero(ish) movie to have tons of jokes these days – just look at the Marvel Cinematic Universe – but the nightmarish subject matter could make all the wisecracking feel a little more fresh.

We just saw the #Hellboy trailer – amazing funny dark and action packed visually looks beautiful #NYCC18 pic.twitter.com/beYGILxjPuOctober 6, 2018

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Just sat in on the NYCC Hellboy panel and got to see an amazing NYCC exclusive trailer. WOW! There’s a lot of humor but it gets much darker than the previous films AND David Harbour “unofficially” revealed something amazing about the BPRD.October 6, 2018

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Judging by the Hellboy trailer audio, it sounds more comedic than I expected it to be. Of course Hellboy’s gonna be funny, but it was kinda jokes comin at you left and right and the song was carrying that lighter tone. Just gotta wait and see what the visuals are like I guessOctober 6, 2018

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And yeah, people were just pretty excited overall

Ok, so a presentation hall filled with Hellboy fans is probably not going to be the most critical place for a new Hellboy trailer, and you can never get a feel from a whole movie just from a few minutes of carefully edited footage. But all of the signs we have so far are pretty promising. Now all we need is for the trailer to come out so the rest of us can see it and judge for ourselves.

HOLY CRAP! THE #HELLBOY TRAILER IS AWESOME!!!! The tone is very fun, and action packed! The visuals are very crisp and much different the. The Del Toro films, but really looks like a good time! Harbour fits the roll great, and I am excited to see the film!October 6, 2018

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Just saw the #Hellboy trailer at #NYCC! Very obvious this is *not* a GDT flick (headshot gore immediately), but the fantasy elements aren’t washed totally dark. Harbour’s take differentiates even in the two minutes we saw. Lots of monsters, lava, and brings the fight. Get ready.October 6, 2018

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Just saw the #Hellboy trailer and it’s BADASS. @DavidKHarbour looks great. Really dug the blend of action, humor and attitude. Get the feeling @SashaBianca23 might be a bit of a scene stealer here. Visuals are also surprisingly vibrant, and it works well!October 6, 2018

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