750,000 Xbox 360 consoles sold last week

More than 750,000 Xbox 360 consoles were sold in the U.S. last week. The pre-holiday shopping rush brought on by Black Friday retailer discounts helped propel the seven-year-old console to beat Microsoft’s internal sales projections, and Xbox Live Gold subscription sales grew by 50 percent compared to last year.

The impressive figures from Xbox Live’s Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb make one thing very clear: even after the next generation begins, Microsoft will be working to please a whole lot of Xbox 360 owners for years to come.

By comparison, the Wii U sold 400,000 units last week. It’s tough to ignore a difference of 350,000 systems, but we can’t forget that established console sales regularly overshadow those of new ones at launch. Plus, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime claims those 400,000 sales account for just about every Wii U shipped.

So maybe instead of fuel for the console flame war, we can just take this as good news for both companies and a thumbed nose at those who said console gaming is dying?

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