50 Movie Inventions We Want To Buy

Datas Inventions The Goonies (1985)

The Movie Invention: There’s no end to Data’s creativity when it comes to his inventions, which include a handy zip-line and a (somewhat malfunctioning) robo-punch.

What We’d Do With It: We’d wear that belt all day every day, just in case we find ourselves in need of a helping hand. Or corkscrew. Or zip-line.

Paulies Robot Rocky IV (1985)

The Movie Invention: Sort of looks like an alien, but is actually a mass of cogs and wheels, Paulie’s robot is a futuristic invention that helps Paulie around the house – and genuinely seems to care for him.

What We’d Do With It: Turn him into a slave, of course. That’s what robots are there for, right?

Time Machine The Time Machine (1960)

The Movie Invention: Built to resemble a large clock, H George Wells’ invention is the ultimate in kitsch time travel.

What We’d Do With It: We’d take a leaf out of Sheldon’s book in The Big Bang Theory and use it as a comfy living room chair.

Rebreather Thunderball (1965)

The Movie Invention: James Bond needn’t worry about drowning when he’s got this handy little device on him – it helps him breathe under water, and is considerably smaller than an oxygen tank.

What We’d Do With It: Become a mermaid.

Flying Cab The Fifth Element (1997)

The Movie Invention: A future taxi that has the ability to fly. In fact, it doesn’t even have wheels, that’s how often it touches tarmac.

What We’d Do With It: Make a fortune as the only flying cab in the world.

Heat Ray Gun War Of The Worlds (1953)

The Movie Invention: An incredibly powerful ray gun that can reduce anything to smouldering ash within seconds. We hadn’t a hope really, had we?

What We’d Do With It: Use it to do a spot of renovations on the house.

Golden Gun The Man With The Golden Gun (1974)

The Movie Invention: The weapon belonging to assassin Francisco Scaramanga (Christopher Lee).

What We’d Do With It: Use it as a coffee table ornament – that’s what it looks like anyway, right?

Continuous Orgasm Loop Brainstorm (1983)

The Movie Invention: The Hat, a computer that records the pleasurable sensations experienced by an individual’s brain onto tape for others to enjoy. One rather clever individual, Gordo (Jordan Christopher), creates a tape that’s one continuous orgasm – enough to nearly kill somebody.

What We’d Do With It: Bit obvious, isn’t it?

Esper Photo Analyser Blade Runner (1982)

The Movie Invention: A clever contraption that is able to zoom into a photograph to give an impossible close-up. Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford) uses it when he’s hunting for clues.

What We’d Do With It: Become a futuristic detective. Or work for Heat ’s ‘ring of shame’ department. Both would be awesome.

Machine Gun Leg Planet Terror (2007)

The Movie Invention: Had your leg chewed off my zombies? No worries – you can become an awesome freedom fighter by having a machine gun attached to your stump.

What We’d Do With It: Hobble slightly, probably.

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