TalkRadar 150 – Beginning of the End



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Golden Axe, Street Fighter, Sonic… everyone’s got a skeleton in the cupboard

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32 of gaming’s least-beloved characters square off for our entertainment

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Sony ‘cooperating’ with Congress, targeted in Canadian lawsuit

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Sorry to be coy with you guys, but you’re going to have to listen to the podcast first to find out the mysterious question. But once you know what the QOTW is, please reply, as we are dying to know your answers after listening to TDar 150!

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In the

Above: Chris and the Tylers’ apartment was nearly consumed by a massive blaze, which is less fun than it sounds

In the

Above: Once again, thanks to Batman 5273 for the pano this week

Above: ChurchesWife temporarily scared herself for a chance to win a prize

Above: To Dan, from flabslapper

Above: IronBadger’s first post is a doozy

Above: AlpineGuy with another salute to our centennial and a half

Above: Thanks to spybreak8 for something we’re barely allowed to post!

Above: Ditto to sternparez

Above: Awesome pixel art by MrSuitMan

Above: shnazzyone’s mind is the scene of this piece’s inception

Above: Amazingly cute 150 piece from poiman

Above: Another awesome pixel art piece from 4fromK

Above: Thanks n00b! (Not an insult!)

Above: lol, Bobbety. Very lol

Post date: May 6, 2011
T-Dar150 length: 2:36:56
Intro song by: Anamanaguchi
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