Spider-Man: No Way Home includes one more hidden MCU cameo that you might have missed

Spider-Man: No Way Home’s home release has meant we’ve been gifted abundant secret featurettes, deleted scenes with Peters 1 and 2, and, of course, the chance to search frame-by-frame for Marvel references and Easter eggs.

And wouldn’t you just know it, No Way Home’s final secret cameo has just been found – and it’s an incredible deep cut charting back to Spidey’s MCU debut.

Reddit user KostisPat257 (opens in new tab) discovered that actor Gary Weeks, who played Damage Control’s Agent Foster during the Adrian Toomes flashback scene in Spider-Man: Homecoming, also appeared briefly in No Way Home. You can see him appear after the Damage Control squad show up at Aunt May’s apartment.

one_of_the_most_deepcut_easter_eggs_of_nwh_gary from r/marvelstudios

Spider-Man: No Way Home was home to several nods and winks to Marvel past – but not everything made the cut.

“I don’t know if we’re allowed to, honestly, but there were big characters,” co-screenwriter Chris McKenna told Yahoo (opens in new tab) of initial plans to include certain unnamed Marvel characters.

In similar cameo-shaped news, Matt Murdock actor Charlie Cox says “something” is planned for his character after his MCU debut as Peter Parker’s really, really good lawyer.

“I don’t know much, but I know there will be something else,” Cox told Radio Times (opens in new tab).

That follows on from Daredevil and other Marvel shows that were previously under the Netflix umbrella heading to Disney Plus under the ‘Defenders Saga’ banner.

Next up in the MCU is Moon Knight, starring Oscar Isaac. The six-episode series releases weekly on Disney Plus from March 30. For more on the MCU’s future, here’s our guides to Marvel Phase 4 and new Marvel TV shows.

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