One of last years greatest games is finally coming to PS5 and PS4

Inscryption, the madhouse escape room deck-builder that proved to be one of the best games of 2021, is coming to PS5 and PS4 later this year. 

Creator Daniel Mullins announced the upcoming PlayStation port earlier today as part of Sony’s latest reel of seven upcoming indie games. The full lineup also includes JRPG darling Sea of Stars, bizarre sports roguelike Cursed to Golf, and brutalist sci-fi horror adventure Signalis. 

As Mullins puts it, Inscryption is “an inky black card-based odyssey that’s part deck-building roguelike, part escape-room puzzler and part psychological horror.” You find yourself trapped in a room with your fate lashed to a card game, and the scenario and the game both evolve dramatically as you progress. It’s hard to talk about Inscryption without spoiling anything because it’s the kind of game that pulls out an entire act right when you think you’ve beaten it. And then it does that like three more times, with each act sprinkling in new genres and rules, not to mention some increasingly disturbing live-action footage. 

Inscryption doesn’t have an official release date for PS5 and PS4 just yet, and publisher Devolver Digital even shut down some apparently off-base reports that it was targeting August or September, affirming that the date is still up in the air. 

When it does eventually arrive, it’ll come with some PlayStation-exclusive features. Mullins teased controller audio and haptic feedback support which will ratchet up the game’s already heavy immersion, promising enhancements for “every grisly action.” This apparently includes the infamous pliers, and I’m not sure how to feel about physically feeling that in my hands, even through a controller.  

Inscryption passed one million copies sold not long after its debut on PC, and it went on to become the first game to ever win Game of the Year at both the GDC and IGF awards.

Check out our Inscryption hands-on impressions for more (mostly) spoiler-free details. 

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