Halo Infinite Season 2 Last Spartan Standing challenges appear bugged

Halo Infinite Season 2 is officially live with new modes, maps, and challenges, and some of them are causing a bit of headache for players jumping into the new content. 

The Halo subreddit is rapidly filling up (opens in new tab) with reports from players who’ve found that their Last Spartan Standing (LSS) challenges aren’t progressing even if they fulfill the requirements. The good news is that you probably are earning progress, it just might not show up immediately due to the way LSS works. 

This problem isn’t mentioned in the official list of Halo Infinite multiplayer known issues (opens in new tab), but it was explained in the Season 2 patch notes (opens in new tab)

“Please note that when leaving a Last Spartan Standing session before it ends, some Challenges will not update until that match ends. If you left a match early due to being eliminated, it may take several minutes for that match to end and your Challenge progress to update.” 

In other words, you won’t get credit for some LSS challenges until the end of the match where you completed those challenges, even if you leave or get taken out early. Of course, you have no way of knowing when an old match might end, so just keep an eye on your challenge sheet after the fact to see if it updates retroactively. 

Some players have also found that they can’t complete FFA challenges (opens in new tab) now that the playlist has been updated, even while playing new free-for-all modes including Last Spartan Standing as well as Rumble Pit. Unfortunately, this issue doesn’t seem to have a clear workaround just yet. There’s nothing in the patch notes or known issues, anyway, so it’s possible that these challenges just aren’t registering correctly due to an error. Here’s hoping it’s fixed soon so folks can properly dig into the new season. 

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