Elden Ring players cant use hacked underwear to ban each other anymore

Elden Ring players can no longer drop Fia’s underwear for other players to pick up and get them banned in the process.

Yes, that is a real sentence in the world of video games. Our deeply concerning story begins last month in March, when Elden Ring players found a way to equip Fia’s underwear, which wouldn’t normally be available for players to kit themselves out and parade around in.

Fast forward a month, and players were actually getting others banned via the underwear. Players were dropping Fia’s underwear, called Deathbed Smalls, for others to pick up, and upon retrieving said item, the players on the receiving end would be banned by publisher Bandai Namco.

That’s not longer the case, however. A Bandai Namco representative confirmed to Polygon (opens in new tab) earlier today on April 21 that Elden Ring players would no longer be able to drop the Deathbed Smalls for other players to pick up, eliminating the threat of getting banned entirely.

It’s not clear if FromSoftware might stop players equipping the Deathbed Smalls in the first place. For now, it seems like the developer is perfectly fine with players/perverts hacking their way into the game’s files to get their hands on Fia’s underwear, for whatever reason.

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