“Does it squeak?” Whats in the box? Far Cry 5 special – dog toys, collectors editions and more

As you may already know Far Cry 5 (opens in new tab) has finally launched this week, and what better way to celebrate the release of this masterpiece than by making a whole episode of What’s In The Box? dedicated to the game itself? Well… you could be playing the game to be honest, but hey, you why not take a peak at all the cool gear we unbox!

In this episode we get our hands on the Father Edition of the game which happens to be filled with loads of goodies, a Boomer Press Kit that features products for your best doggy in the world and a custom pair of gaming headphones created just for the game!

Far Cry 5 Father Edition

When a big game gets released that you’ve been waiting on for sometime, (especially when they push the release back a whole month) you just have to big when it’s launched. Am I right? So, lucky for us we got our mittens on the Father Edition of Far Cry 5 and it comes packed with bonus items.

The 30cm of the Father is its main selling point, it’s detailed, realistic and even comes with replica stained church window. You also get a copy of the game, the original sound track (which actually has some very peaceful tracks), a steelbook, a physical copy of the map and a tonne of DLC extras!

Buy It US: $159.99 from Ubisoft (opens in new tab) (Limited Quantities)
Buy It UK: £89.50 from Amazon (opens in new tab) (Limited Quantities)

Boomer Press Kit

This is just ridiculous, and I love it! Ubisoft sent us over a Boomer Press Kit that allows you to quite literally treat your dog with Far Cry 5 accessories! It comes with a replica rubberized weapon that’s made of extremely rugged material, which also happens to squeak incredible loud.

Not only that but it comes with a custom Boomer bowl and a blue grenade bandana for your pup! Amazing. Now your dog can be just like boomer and collect your gun for you!

Buy It UK: N/A
Buy It US: N/A

Thrustmaster Custom Far Cry 5 Headphones

Your merchandise isn’t complete without a custom pair of gaming headphones! These are the Thrustmaster Y-3000CPX’s which have a custom Far Cry 5 head strap and internal ear cup patterns.

After playing with these for some time you really get a sense of direction and you can hear the rustling of the bushes, the hissing of bullets and the barking noises from your companion Boomer. Oh, and it comes with a cool “sound commander” that features voice control, bass settings, volume settings and, a feature I absolutely love, the sound of your own voice being projected back at you so you know when and how loud you are speaking in chat.

Buy It US: $99.99 on Amazon (opens in new tab)
Buy It UK: £69.99 on Amazon (opens in new tab)

Want to know more about Far Cry 5? We have loads of expert guides available on GamesRadar, including advice on the best Guns for Hire (opens in new tab)and how to get resistance points quickly (opens in new tab).

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