Battlefield 2042 is now one of Steams most poorly reviewed games ever

Battlefield 2042 (opens in new tab)‘s 30,000+ “mostly negative” Steam reviews have seen the shooter pick up the dubious honor of becoming one of Steam’s most poorly reviewed games of all time.

Of the 33,000+ reviews left on Steam, just 26 percent are positive – which means a whopping 74 percent are not.

This means that from a pool of over 59,000 games, DICE’s latest Battlefield installment – which was only released on November 19 – has the eighth worse Steam score of all time. (Steam250’s Hall of Shame (opens in new tab), via Forbes (opens in new tab), gives the full list which – I’m sure will come as no surprise – is topped by Konami’s new free-to-play soccer game, eFootball 2022.) 

“I’ve played every PC Battlefield game since the original BF1942 and I can confidently say that this is the absolute worst entry into the series to date,” wrote one unhappy player (opens in new tab). “The issues are endless.”

“Would never in a million years have thought a battlefield game made by a huge studio could ever be this bad,” opined (opens in new tab) another. “It’s just unplayable. The rubber band the desync is just insane. UNPLAYABLE! I hope they will fix this ASAP! for now, it’s not worth buying…Sadly…”

Of course, Steam is just one place in which players can experience Battlefield 2042 – and players on other platforms may be more content – and our own Josh West thought the shooter was “a good time”.

“Battlefield 2042 launches on solid ground,” Josh wrote in GameRadar+’s Battlefield 2042 review (opens in new tab), which he gave 3.5 stars out of 5. “DICE has plans to expand its FPS over time, effectively treating it as a live service. We’re obviously yet to get a sense of what that will look like, how the studio will handle a regular cadence of content releases, or progression of its battle pass, but that will all come in time. 

“For now, Battlefield 2042 is a good time that only gets better with friends. In its current form, those of you coming in without a squad or directly from the battle royales of this world may struggle to get a footing in the carnage, but if you can settle into the rhythms of Battlefield 2042’s All-Out War you won’t play anything else quite like it on new-gen systems.”

ICYMI, Battlefield 2042 recently had its first post-launch update (opens in new tab) which sought to address a number of bugs including rubber banding and stuttering, and EA Dice says two additional updates are coming in the next 30 days. 

The first of the two will once again be focused on bug fixes, whilst the second will be “a larger and more substantial update”.

If you’re just jumping in for the first time, don’t miss these essential Battlefield 2042 tips (opens in new tab) before you play.

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