Amazon is having a 25%-off sale on gaming monitors – here are the best ones to buy now

Jumping in early on the Black Friday bandwagon, Amazon UK is blowing out some high-quality gaming monitors at a very attractive 25% discount. Of the bunch, the ultrawides are the standouts, particularly if you’re looking for a curved panel to properly dunk your head into. We grabbed the three best choices across price ranges, from LG’s extremely affordable IPS offering to a pair of Samsung’s QLED monitors with their current generation of colour accurate, energy efficient quantum dot tech. QD shines on ultra-wide panels because it means colours won’t fluctuate when you change your viewing angle or when they slide to different positions on the panel’s surface, and the two monitors in this sale take full advantage with bold, striking curves. 

If you’re not specifically in the market for a shiny new ultra-wide set, check out some of the best gaming monitors (opens in new tab) on the market now, or take a peek at our Black Friday 4K TV deals (opens in new tab) if you want to live that couch lifestyle and pipe your PC through your television. And make sure you take advantage of all the Black Friday game deals (opens in new tab) so you’ve got something to play on your brand new gear.  

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25% off gaming monitors at Amazon – take a look now (opens in new tab)

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LG 29WK500

The 29WK500 is a fairly impressive ultra-wide IPS for the bargain basement price tag. While it’s not nearly as fully featured as more expensive models, and lacks HDR support, it’s an excellent option for a backup or second monitor, or for anyone on a budget. If you’ve already invested hundreds (or thousands) of dollars in a high end 4K TV and are in the market for a monitor to attach to your separate PC setup, the 29WK500 has the color accuracy and sharpness to not suffer too much in comparison. At 29 inches, the 2560 x 1080 is more than adequate, and a few nice finishing touches, like support for AMD Freesync and the inclusion of LG’s proprietary Black Stabilizer to pick out gradient of blacks in dark scenes, make the 29WK500 a very appealing value proposition. 

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LG 29WK500 29-Inch Ultrawide IPS Monitor –  £249  now £172.99 (opens in new tab)
This great little LG monitor with freesync is 31% at the moment, so it’s a damn good buy.

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Samsung LC49HG90DMUXEN

On the other end of the spectrum lies Samsung’s 49-inch, quantum dot monster. It’s a beautiful panel with a dramatic curve that showcases its 3840×1080 resolution to great effect, and the 144hz refresh rate leaves plenty of framerate overhead in modern triple-A titles for even the most powerful PCs, though interestingly the panel lets you cap the native refresh rate at 60 or 120hz to avoid potential sync issues. And all of that display real estate makes it the ultimate workspace for obsessive multitaskers; need to respond to email while you play Fortnite and study a bunch of spreadsheets? There’s more than enough space to handle all the windows you can summon and more, and a built-in partitioning tool lets you chop it all up into as many emulated monitors as your heart desires. 

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Samsung LC49HG90DMUXEN 49″ Curved 1ms Ultra Wide 144Hz Monitor –  £1029 now £719  (opens in new tab)
A lovely, large monitor featuring Samsung’s amazing QLED tech. This one is 30% off the normal price.

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